Yoni Steam Variety Pack

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Want to give each Signature Yoni Herbal Blend product a try?! Start off with our deluxe package!

This package includes:

Fresh Kitty Yoni Blend- Ph Balance, Fights BV, Yeast, Infections, Odor causing bacteria, promotes freshness 

Healthy Kitty Yoni Blend- Infection fighter, UTI, BV, Vaginitis, Odor control, Tighten.

Juicy Fruit Yoni Blend- Tighten, Increase sex drive, Increase Lubrication, UTI relief, Infection Fighter, Fertility

Succulence Blend- Aphrodisiac, Increase Vaginal Lubrication, Increase Stimulation, Floral Detox, Soothes Irritations, Herpes Relief, Fights Infections, Menstrual Relief, Odor Blocker, Aids in Painful Intercourse.