Blood Flow Suppressant Tea

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Ever had to deal with excessive bleeding? Long menstrual phases? Horrible Endometriosis symptoms? Even bleeding due to hormone imbalance? We have something that will completely change the game.

This tea suppresses and can even stop a heavy period, or bleeding due to cyst or fibroids or any type of yoni issue.. This tea is paired greatly with our cyst and fibroids blends, as well as our fertility packages. It's even used as a simple remedy to end excessive bleeding. It works within 24 hours!!! Drink about 3-4, 8 ounce cups of this tea throughout the day, and watch your troubles go away. 

-If you are bleeding you may not yoni steam, this tea is great to use to stop excessive bleeding so that you may administer yoni steam to start any therapy.

-Can be used daily for detoxing, do not use close to menstrual cycle because it will delay cycle.

-One 5 gram bag is good for 1 coffee pot serving. It is loose herbs, so straning is needed.