Succulence Yoni Blend

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Want to surprise your man with the most succulent, juiciest Yoni of all time? Try Succulence! Whether you face vaginal dryness, or you want an extra boost Kleen Kitty Signature Blend "Succulence" is your secret weapon. 

  • Clears out old fluids- Reduce risk of UTI-Astringent-Anti Bacterial-Anti Tumor 

  • Gives you a very Succulent and Juicy Yoni

  • Fights Infections-Rejuvenates & Stimulates Sexual organs

  • Sexual arousement- Helps with relieve pain associated with painful sex

  • Increase Circulation- Anti Inflammation

  • Calms irritations-Antioxidant

  • Stimulate cell growth- Antibacterial
  • Treats yeast infections,vaginitis, and some transmissible diseases