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Burning Sage is an ancient practice some used as a natural disinfectant and some as an energy purifier.

It is said to have the following qualities:

Disinfect the Air

Cleanse or Empower Specific Objects

Used as Spiritual Tool

Improve Mood

Sooth Stress

Improve Sleep Quality

Dispel Negative Energy

Purify Energy

Boost Energy Levels

Create an Uplifting Fragrance 


When Burning Sage you want to open up all doors of the area and even windows if you can.

Light one end of the stick with some sort of tray underneath to catch the ashes.

Walk throughout your home allowing the smoke to

purify the air.

You can speak positive affirmations as you go through your home to set the mood.

Sage can amplify energy so it’s necessary to make sure intentions are pure while saging.

It is said that the use of sage can purify the air of good and bad energy so it’s important to set the tone when using sage!