Juicy Fruit Yoni Blend

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This yoni steam blend is used for sexual enhancement and tightening. It also has detoxing and anti fungal, uti healing and circulation enhancing properties.


  • Supports and increases egg health -Increases Libido
  • Extreme Tighten-Enhance Vaginal Secretions-Detox-Fights odor
  • Reduces risk of UTI- Fights infections & bacteria-Fights vaginal dryness
  • Can treat infectious and transmissible diseases
  • Can treat yeast infections-Can heal vaginal sores
  • Rejuvenates & stimulates sexual organs-Prevents uterine bleeding
  • Aids in clearing out old fluids-Postmenopausal
  • Stops growth of BV-Astringent to tissues-Calms cramping
  • Helps heal nicks and ingrown hairs