Fresh Kitty Yoni Blend

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This Signature Yoni Blend is used for balancing PH levels and fighting infections. We call it the herbal antibiotic. Need something to get you back right? Fresh Kitty is the Yoni blend for you!!!

  • Normalizing Blood Flow- Shrink internal & External tissues
  • Restores PH balance
  • Brings on delayed menstruation-
  • Cleanse, Lighten, & Tighten Skin- Astringent to tissues
  • Detoxes- Antioxidants- Anti Bacterial- Anti Inflammation
  • Aphrodisiac- Womb Healing- Stops excessive Bleeding during menstruation
  • UTI Heath-Cure hemorrhoids- Treat Infections-Aids in vaginal Dryness
  • Relieves abdominal cramping- Stabilizing Moontime 
  • Anti Tumor- Prevent infections
  • Stops and prevents Odors
  • Clears out old fluids- Stops growth of BV
  • Relieves rashes and burning
  • Calming