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This Signature Yoni Blend is used when you're dealing with Menstruation regulation, excessive bleeding, endometriosis and other problematic issues dealing with cramping and blood flow.

Herbal Benefits Can:

  • Relieves heavy bleeding associated with endometriosis, uterine spasms adenomyosis, and primary menorrhagia
  • Stop excessive menstrual bleeding and hemorrhage due to childbirth & miscarriage.
  • Anti Inflammatory- Pain Relief- Cleansing
  • Improves circulation to reproductive organs
  • High in vitamin C which aids in iron absorbtion
  • Excellent nutritive herbs for heavy menstruation
  • Astringent- Reduce Cramping
  • Reduce Stress, anxiety & hot flashes
  • Quick Relief
  • Promotes healthy inflammation response
  • Fights bacteria and can fight infections