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Flash Sale!!!! Amazingly Natural Hair Growth Moisturizer

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This is an all natural butter Shea butter whipped with proactive oils used for both skin and hair. 

Do you have a hard time retaining the moisture in your hair? Seems like no matter what you do, nothing you use can keep your hair hydrated? We have the perfect product for you.

This product contains Argan oil. An oil in which trains your hair to retain its moisture.

It also is infused with peppermint oil! 

Peppermint is great for allowing things to actually absorb in the body. We also have things like jojoba oils and a few others that aid in hair growth, moisture, and scalp rejuvenation.

This oil moisturizer is great for your scalp as well. The oils aid in scalp stimulation and hair growth. The moisture retention properties aid in you not only growing your hair but actually keeping your length. 

Avail in 4oz jars.

This product is very rich. A dime size amount is enough to use per use.