-Amors Yoni Journey

Year of 2017 I had a miscarriage at 5  months. I was told by my doctor that we may never know what went wrong or even how many times I would have to endure miscarriages. I knew then there was something wrong, and I needed to change something if I never wanted to experience that type of pain again. I'm a believer that we endure things that can sometimes be prevented. The occasion arose when I began to search more info on natural herbs and healing from the Earth. I discovered new things everyday. I felt like really getting to the bottom of things, and finding natural ways to heal and protect my womb.  I started talking with my sisters about Yoni steams and how it could benefit the world. We joined forces and became -KLEEN KITTY. It was something that started off small that now has grown and become something so divine. Since we have been steaming we have noticed very calming moon🌚 times. My hormones have become balanced, and I can't remember the last time I experienced an infection. Yoni steaming has become a ritual for me. Before and after my moon time is my time to relax and detox. I've noticed that before I used to cramp extremely bad, and would experience overly excessive bleeding. Now I'm pretty much cramp free and I have a very nice unnoticeable flow. I'll definitely keep you guys up to date with my Yoni Journey.

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Jerica Stoudemire

I was wondering if these products are still good to use for a woman who has already a full vaginal hysterectomy

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